Friday, September 15, 2017

Snoqualmie Pass

Yesterday was a relatively short travel day--only a little over 100 miles--but they were cram packed with gorgeous views. I'll let the pictures speak for me.

When we lived in Seattle, we owned a Cessna 182, which we tied down at the little GA airport in Renton, WA. When the DH took flying lessons, I often tagged along, riding in the cramped back seat. One of his lessons included making steep banking turns. It's a necessary skill in a tight canyon and very useful for flying in the Cascades. The DH would pull out all the flaps, slow the plane down and tip it up on one wing. We were able to make a quick flip around in very little space, but it was nerve-wracking for me. I like my flying straight and level, but this quick turn maneuver could mean the difference between getting home and splatting into the side of the mountain.


Well... I've spent the last half hour trying to upload another photo to no avail. The wifi at the Kent, WA KOA is worse than AOL dial up on a bad day. I'll have to add more images when I have better access--which may not be until we get back from the cruise. Tomorrow we board the Holland America Eurodam for a wonderful week to Alaska! I promise to record our fun in several posts, even if it means I have to wait for dry land and better internet to upload them.

But I get to spend today with my friend Darcy Carson. When I first began writing, I discovered an RWA chapter in Bellevue and began attending meetings. There was a critique group that met around Darcy's kitchen table once a week and I was thrilled when they said I could join them. I learned so much from them. Then my DH's division was downsized and we found ourselves moving suddenly. I was within an inch of giving up on writing, but Darcy wouldn't let me. By phone & email, she critiqued long-distance with me, giving me much needed encouragement and the occasional kick in the pants.  

My debut title was published in 2006. Since then, writing under multiple pen names, I've had 30-some Mia Marlowe historicals and 2 Lexi Eddings contemporaries hit the bookstore shelves. I can honestly say it wouldn't have happened without my dear friend Darcy!  

Do you have a friend who helps you be a better version of yourself?

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